"My art is like a spirited nuanced music, full of soul and life"




Claudia Tejeda was born 1981 in Hamburg, Germany.

She studied at the international school of Illustration/ Hamburg.

Her art can be described in general as surreal and bizarre.

She is a specialised in designing collages, which she craft from the most varied of 


Inspired by her indian roots, she is very engaged in mystical and dreamy paintings like the Indians. 

You can see and feel the mystic passion in her works.


Her works were exhibited in among others in Barcelona, New York, Milan and Paris.


Since 2011 Claudia Tejeda is a member of the Hamburger Art association GEDOK, they  ork all over Germany and she has exhibites many times her paintings in the Gedok Art gallery.


In basic schools in Hamburg, where she was an art teacher, she has run art projects with the pupils,for example a kid´s book exhibition in the Gedok Art Gallery.


Since 2016 she is a curator of the "New York Art Connection" Gallery in Long Island in cooperation with the Gallery owner, Khurshid Saleem. The first exhibition that she organized in the gallery is at 10. Sept. 2015. 









Curriculum Vitae:


1981                                   born in Hamburg


2005-2009                          Studies Illustrationdesign at the international school of Illustration/                



2011                                    Member of the GEDOK, germanwide Art association


April 2013 -2014                 course leader for collages in basic schools in Hamburg   


January 2014-2015             Illustrator at Juniormedien-Verlag in Hamburg  


2016                                          Curator of "The New York Art Connection"- Gallery, Long Island (USA)


2018                                   Galleryartist of Popstreet.shop Gallery Hamburg



Claudia Tejeda has excibit her works in several citys and countrys among others in:



Rome, Calabria, Padova, Milan (IT)


Hamburg, Berlin, Hannover (DE)


Florida, New York, California (USA)


Barcelona, Marbella (ES)


Paris (FR)


Vienna (At)