Claudia Tejeda is specialised in designing collages, which she craft from the most varied of 

materials. Her art can be described in general as surreal and bizarre.

Inspired by her indian roots, she is very engaged in mystical and dreamy paintings like the Indians. 

You can see and feel the mystic passion in her works:

Next exhibition

Slideshow and Music mix: Jörg Fiedler

New project


Now i have my own fashion collection called:




T-Shirts and dresses with my designs for cool kids.

My fashion is fair and firm sages and no child labor, made in Germany


The story of my designs: Two crazy cats go embark for a journey, in different citys all over the world. The first steps you can see are Hamburg, Goa, Argentine, Barcelona. They experience adventures and enjoy all the different cultures and the chief thing is: they are together and have a lot of fun!


Why emiGatos? My son´s name is Emi and he loves our two crazy cats. Any more questions;)?


The shirts are print and with little applications.

Now you can buy emiGatos Hamburg at my Shop DaWanda:










"My collages are enormous and invitiing you in an unknown 

magician´s world full of wisdoms, miracles  and fairytales. 

New ways of consciousness should be initiated and the 

limited illusions be lifted."